CTEK 56-382 Battery Comfort Indicator
CTEK 56-382 Battery Comfort Indicator
CTEK 56-382 Battery Comfort Indicator
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CTEK 56-382 Battery Comfort Indicator

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Connects to your battery with traffic light indicator system

Product description

Easy to fit to your battery, this handy ‘Comfort Indicator’ will instantly tell you if your battery is in great shape (green light), could do with a top up (orange light) or needs charging now to ensure vehicle will start (red light). To charge, just flip the cover and connect to your CTEK charger to restore your battery to full health.

CTEK's new add-on Comfort Indicator eyelet is designed and developed to make vehicle battery maintenance easy and convenient.

The Comfort Indicator shows the status of the battery and indicates when the harmful sulphation process begins, allowing a quick and easy remedial charge to be applied before battery degradation occurs.

Compatible with CTEK charger with a Comfort Connect compatible connector, ie. black inline connector with orange inner section within battery connection leads (NOT XT14000 or XS25000).

  • Simple ‘traffic light’ system to advise state of charge of battery
  • Flashing green means battery more than 90% charged and does not require charging
  • Flashing orange means battery more than 80% charged and should be charged to avoid harmful acid stratifi cation
  • Flashing red light warns that the battery is less than 80% charged and is discharged to a point where sulphation is occurring and also that the vehicle may be in danger of not starting
  • Easy to fit, splash proof and dust proof
  • Can be fitted directly to the vehicle battery
  • Back current drain <1Ah /month
  • Cable length: 0.55m
  • 8.4mm ring terminals
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