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Maypole anti-surge jump leads 3m x 16mm (up to 2500cc)

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100% copper jump leads with anti-surge protection technology.

Product description

Keep a pair of jump leads in your boot to help start your car if your battery charge is too low. Common causes of low battery charges include a faulty alternator, leaving the lights on, and cold weather. You can use a set of jump leads / booster cables to ‘jump start’ your car by using the battery in another vehicle. The Maypole anti-surge booster cables are designed to stop power surged from affecting your vehicle’s electrics.

Jump lead specifications

  • Anti-surge booster cables are designed to stop power surges which may effect vehicle electrics
  • Length 3m, CSA 16mm2
  • Peak output 400A
  • Starting output 250A
  • Suitable for petrol & diesle engine size up to maximum 2.5 litres (2500cc)
  • 100% copper

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