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Car first aid kit

Be prepared for any emergency with our range of fully stocked car first aid kits, which can be easily stored in your car boot or glove box for convenience.

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First aid kits for cars

You never know when you might need to administer first aid while you’re out and about in your car, but by keeping a first aid kit in your vehicle you can always be prepared for minor accidents and emergencies.

The RAC Shop stocks a complete range of travel first aid kits that have been designed specifically with the motorist in mind, making them perfect for keeping in your vehicle in case you require basic medical assistance while you’re out on the road.

Our first aid kits for cars have all the essentials you need including plasters, bandages and medical dressings of various shapes and sizes, tape, wipes, gloves, eyewash, scissors and fingerstalls to treat minor cuts, grazes, scratches, burns and other injuries.

Whether you are heading on a driving holiday or long car journey, or simply heading on a day trip out, accidents unfortunately can happen so it is best to be prepared, especially if you are travelling with children. Should you or one of your passengers suffer an injury, your first aid kit will have the essential items you need to treat them until you can get further medical attention.

Although it is not a legal requirement in the UK, it is advisable to carry a first aid kit in your vehicle or when travelling. If you are planning on driving through certain European countries, however, then having a first aid kit in your car is required by law so be sure to check the local driving rules and regulations of the countries you will be driving through before your travel. If you are intending to drive in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, or Spain then it is compulsory that you carry a first aid kit on board.

All of our car first aid kits are compact enough to store in your car boot or glove compartment making them perfect for use when travelling, on holiday or at home. Our RAC Motoring First Aid Kit comes with Velcro pads so that it can be easily secured to the side of your car boot.