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Car accessories

Prepare for the unexpected with our selection of car accessories, which includes breakdown kits, spare parts, holiday gear and much more.

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Car accessories

If you are looking for some safety equipment, sun shades, seat covers, repair kits or other accessories for your car, you have come to the right place. Here at the RAC we have all your car needs covered, from emergency and breakdown accessories to cosmetic upgrades and those little home comforts that make long distance drives more pleasant.

The right accessories can turn a simple car into a stylish ride, and make driving more pleasurable and comfortable. Our range of interior accessories includes organisers that will help you keep your family's paraphernalia from cluttering up the car. Sun shades, seat covers and gear knobs that make driving more comfortable and portable fans to help you cope with the next heat wave.

Every motorist should spare a thought for what they would do if they broke down a long way from home. Our range of breakdown and emergency kits includes jump leads, warning triangles, first aid kits, high visibility vests, fuel cans and more. A well-stocked emergency kit is a must-have for every motorist, and our equipment complies with British and European safety and road regulations. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind, and put together a breakdown kit for your car boot today.