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Pressure washers & Jet washers

The RAC store has a range of pressure washers including engine driven washers, hot pressure washers, steam cleaners and accessories.


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RAC pressure washer range

Our pressure washer range includes both domestic and professional pressure washers for any tough cleaning job, including lightweight and compact home pressure washers for the convenient removal of dirt and grime.

Using a high pressure hose, our jet washers emit a high velocity flow of water to lift dirt particles, leaving behind a clean, refreshed surface.

Our compact pressure washers are perfect for cleaning bicycles, garden and patio furniture and garden machines and tools, while our easy-to-transport compact car pressure washer is ideal for cleaning small cars, fences and garden paths.

Jet washers are also perfect for cleaning outdoor surfaces such as paving slabs, driveways and garden patios, and our washers also allow for the addition of detergent to the water stream to assist the cleaning process.

Following the wet, cold and windy weather of the winter months, your garden patio is likely to have accumulated dirt and grime and darkened in colour. A pressure washer will easily lift this residue, refreshing your patio to get your garden looking great in time for summer.

Pressure washers can also be used to remove traces of vandalism such as graffiti.

Simply connect to your normal garden hose and adjust or change the nozzles according to the cleaning task ahead.

Remember, pressure washers are powerful tools and should be used in accordance with the safety instructions provided. You should never aim the water stream at another human being, as the high velocity water flow is extremely powerful and can cause serious harm. Jet washers can also damage surfaces, especially wood and tarmac, which may break up if sprayed directly.