American Woodies 1928-1953
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American Woodies 1928-1953

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An historical look these historic vehicles so prized by collectors today

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American Woodies 1928-1953 by Norm Mort

This highly illustrated study examines the rise in popularity of the Woody station wagon in North America, from the introduction of the Ford Model A in 1928, up to the last Woody built by Buick in 1953. As well as Woody wagons, sedans and convertibles are also featured - fashionable cars that were favoured among celebrities and high society. Woodies were also used extensively as service vehicles during World War II, and while Ford led the industry, many other American car manufacturers competed in this specialised yet lucrative market, from the major to the more obscure.

With 100 images - which include contemporary brochure illustrations, period literature, factory photos and over fifty new, unpublished colour photos of restored examples - detailed captions, and supportive text, this book conveys the importance of these historic vehicles so prized by collectors today.

Paperback 19 x 20.5cm
96 pages
131 colour and b&w pictures

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