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Anglo-American Cars

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A look at British cars with American engines in the 1930s to 1970s

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Anglo-American Cars by Norm Mort

This book covers British cars powered by American engines, and American cars fitted with British power plants, built during 1930s-1970s. Many of the American-powered British makes offered for sale were constructed with everything from trials and rallies to road racing in mind. For enthusiasts, the American V8 in a British chassis provided fast, reliable touring at a relatively low cost. In contrast, the American cars fitted with British power plants were often designed for economy.

Brochures, period literature, road test info of the day, factory press kits, and over sixty colour photos of restored examples provide detailed shots of the engines and styling that set these Anglo-American cars apart. Decade by decade information allows for direct comparison.

Paperback 19 x 20.5cm
96 pages
103 colour and b&w pictures

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