Bonjour! Is this Italy?
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Bonjour! Is this Italy?

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A hapless biker's guide to Europe

Product description

Bonjour! Is this Italy? - A Hapless Biker's Guide to Europe by Kevin Turner

Format: Paperback
Author: Kevin Turner
Published: May 2012
Dimensions(mm): 210 × 148
Pages: 144
Colour and B&W pictures: 129
ISBN: 978-1-845843-99-1

Bonjour! Is this Italy? offers a unique and often hilarious insight into the challenges and excitement afforded by a lone motorcycle journey though Europe. In his quest to escape the frantic nature of London life, Kevin Turner heads south across France, crossing the Alps into Italy, and onto Rome, before returning via Germany - and the treacherous Nürburgring - in the hope of rendezvousing with the beautiful Nina.

Throughout, the author provides valuable advice to those considering a similar journey, noting the best and most scenic routes, where to stay, and what to see. This is interspersed with a raft of comic anecdotes that demonstrate exactly what NOT to do when lost on a motorbike in Europe.

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