British Toy Boats 1920 onwards
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British Toy Boats 1920 onwards

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This book covers that golden period of toy boats, from 1920 onwards

Product description

British Toy Boats 1920 onwards: A pictorial tribute

Format: Paperback
Author: Roger Gillham
Published: October 2011
Dimensions(mm): 250 × 250
Pages: 144
Colour and B&W pictures: 564
ISBN: 978-1-845843-64-9

Toy boats, especially those designed to sail on the local pond, have always had a fascination for boys and girls of all ages. This book celebrates these boats, which many will remember purchasing with their pocket money.

Before the 1914-1918 war many toy boats were of German origin, but when hostilities ceased there was a surge in buying British. Many manufacturers took advantage of this, and British toy boats became extremely popular right up to World War II, with numerous seaside resorts actually building special ponds for yachts and clockwork vessels. Interest continued right up to the introduction of electronic toys, at which point the majority of manufacturers realised that the more traditional toy boat was no longer in demand. This book covers that golden period of toy boats, from 1920 onwards.

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