DAF TRUCKS since 1949
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DAF TRUCKS since 1949

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The fascinating first 80 years of DAF’s history

Product description

DAF Trucks since 1949

Format: Paperback
Author: Colin Peck
Published: March 2010
Dimensions(mm): 195 × 210
Pages: 128
Colour and B&W pictures: 120
ISBN: 978-1-845842-60-4

Interest in trucks has grown tenfold in the past twenty years. Vehicle operators, dealers, drivers and enthusiasts have an insatiable thirst for knowledge about specific marques. This book chronicles the fascinating first 80 years of DAF’s history, from being a small Dutch trailer manufacturer through to its acquisition by US truck giant Paccar, and the development of the company to its present position as the top-selling truck in the UK and a major global brand.

The company has a rich history of technical innovation which has helped it become the dominant force it is today. This book highlights these developments, as well as examining how DAF was affected by the ups and downs of the market place, going bankrupt and various rescue deals. It also reveals details of how DAF has worked with various other truck makers, such as Leyland, International Harvester, Renault, RABA, Renault and GINAF, as well as examining its 80-year span of products, ranging from cars and buses, truck and trailers and even trolleybuses. This is essential reading for truck enthusiasts everywhere.

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