Drag Bike Racing in Britain
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Drag Bike Racing in Britain

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A look at the story of drag bike racing in Britain

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Drag Bike Racing in Britain by Lee, Keith

A story of ultimate raw power on two wheels. Drag bike racing developed from a strong history of sprinting in the UK, with riders battling awesome machinery to become the quickest over the standing start ¼ mile.

The variety of bikes constructed to assault the track was incredible during the sport’s formative years. From V8 power and triple-engined behemoths to an unbelievably quick 500 Vincent - all are featured here. But biggest was not always best, as this book highlights.

The author is well qualified to chart the progress of the sport's outstanding riders, having witnessed first-hand their amazing progress. He has been a spectator, racer, Santa Pod commentator and leading photojournalist, and in this entertaining and gripping volume, his photographs capture the essence of this highly visual sport.

96 pages·100 colour and b&w pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845843-14-4

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