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Italian Custom Motorcycles

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The Italian motorcycle-based chopper, bobber, trike, and quad custom bike scene

Product description

Italian Custom Motorcycles by Ulrich Cloesen

Format: Hardback
Author: Ulrich Cloesen
Published: March 2013
Dimensions(mm): 250 × 250
Pages: 128
Colour and B&W pictures: 260
ISBN: 978-1-845843-94-6

Many books have been published about Italian motorcycles, but none has focused exclusively on the Italian motorcycle-based chopper, bobber, trike, and quad custom bike scene - until now.

Even though customising is not normally associated with Italian brands, there are some fantastic individually-built Italian custom bikes out there, old and new.

In recognition of the trend Ducati entered into a new market segment when it launched its power cruiser Diavel in November 2010, while Moto Guzzi has its Aquila Nero range ... these and many other custom-style bikes have been well-received in the customs scene.

This book looks at some of the fascinating custom projects out there, accompanied by stunning photography of the finished bikes. A great book for Italian bike fans, and fans of the custom bike scene in general.

About the Author

Ulrich Cloesen has been involved in motorcycles since 1975. His passion began with a Maico MD50 road bike, and over the years he has owned several BMWs, Yamahas, a Kawasaki, and a Royal Enfield. He is most at home with BMW flat twins, on which he toured around Europe and New Zealand. The art of turning BMWs into custom bikes always intrigued him. A tertiary tutor and long-term resident of New Zealand, he continues to write on automotive subjects.

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