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Jaguar X-Type – 2001 to 2009 Essential Buyers Guide

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The essential jaguar X type buyer's guide

Product description

Jaguar X-Type – 2001 to 2009 by Thorley Nigel

  • Paperback
  • 19.5x13.9cm
  • 64 pages
  • 104 colour pictures
  • ISBN: 9781845844622
  • UPC: 636847044626

The essential guide to the Jaguar X-Type – the first ‘baby’ Jaguar ever produced. The X-Type catered for an entirely new market for Jaguar, and proved highly successful. Covering all the models from this period, this guide provides you with all the procedures necessary to ensure the car you are looking at is actually what it appears to be.

Close study and careful inspection are vital with the X-Type, and this guide identifies some of the pitfalls to avoid, helps you decide on exactly how and where to buy, and shows how to get the best possible car you can for your money. This is the only title available on the X-Type models – the ultimate pocket guide to read, digest and keep with you at all times. 

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