Land Rover Series III
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Land Rover Series III

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Information and advice for owners of the Land Rover Series III

Product description

Land Rover Series III

Format: Paperback
Author: James Hale
Published: June 2012
Dimensions(mm): 195 × 139
Pages: 64
Colour pictures: 113
ISBN: 978-1-845844-42-4

The Series III Land Rover further developed the successive refinements of the Series I, II and IIA models, yet remained true to its original design as a utility vehicle for farmers; one that could be repaired and maintained with the minimum of specialist tools. It rapidly built up a worldwide reputation for rugged capability, which led to it being adopted by police forces and armies worldwide.

The book decribes the step-by-step development of the Series III, so the potential buyer becomes aware of each model’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Having chosen your preferred model, you are professionally guided through important aspects of the retail market, and given clear instructions on where and how to check for problems before you buy. You will also be equipped to test drive your potential purchase with competence. Running and maintenance costs are realistically appraised, and a comprehensive checklist is provided to aid you through the evaluation process.

With over 100 colour photographs integrated into the concise and informative text, this book really is the expert in your pocket.

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