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RAC: Pass the MoT test!

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Practical advice on how to prepare your car for its annual MoT test

Product description

Pass the MoT test!

Format: Paperback
Author: Mark Paxton
Published: August 2012
Dimensions(mm): 210 × 148
Pages: 80
Colour pictures: 99
ISBN: 978-1-845844-74-5

This book takes the car owner step-by-step through every stage of the MoT test, with clear details on what the tester is looking for, and how to check components for wear and tear yourself. Including tips and advice on the best way to rectify any faults that are found, it helps avoid the expense and inconvenience of a needless MoT test failure.

It combines simple concise text with clear colour photographs to illustrate essential points. It also includes details on how to choose a suitable MoT station, the paperwork involved, and even how to appeal if things don't go to plan. The information is laid out so it can be used by beginner or more experienced owner alike.

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