Race & Trackday Driving Techniques
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Race & Trackday Driving Techniques

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Race & Trackday Driving Techniques by Hornsey, David

Exiting the corner the car dances on the edge of adhesion as it brushes up against the dirt on the edge of the kerb. You are hard on the throttle and accelerating up the straight, there is no way you could have made that corner any faster…or is there?

Inside Race & Trackday Driving Techniques you will find all the secrets, skills and methods that will see your lap times tumble.

The book covers everything from the fundamental principles through to individual techniques for specific corners, whilst also helping you analyse what you can do off the track to improve your performance when you are on it. You will also discover why techniques work, to give you a greater understanding of the process of driving faster - from why the ‘Traction Circle' is only really relevant to the chassis engineer rather than the driver, through to why trail braking works on one corner and not another, amongst many other principles.

Also features a corner-by-corner guide to some of the UK's best circuits, and a ‘Further skills' section to expand your performance driving repertoire with skills such as drifting and J-turns.

128 pages·100 pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845843-55-7

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