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Secrets of Speed

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Today's techniques for 4-stroke engine blueprinting & tuning

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Secrets of Speed by Swager, Nick

Since the inception of car and motorcycle racing, people have been fascinated by the engines that power high-performance vehicles. This book reveals and explains modifications from the secretive world of motorsport. It is written in an easy-to-read style, perfect for the DIY engine builder who wants increase the power and reliability of their engine. The book explains build methods common to all 4-stroke engines, rather than specific makes or models, making the information ideal for the builder of either a period or modern engine.

Opening with planning suggestions about the types of tuning and modifications that can be undertaken, and their possible consequences to drivability, it then moves on to define tuning and blueprinting, and the inspection and build processes involved right through to testing a completed engine. It also has sections on ignition, exhaust and fuel systems, all made clearer by 200 original drawings and photographs. Containing five engine inspection and build sheets, and the contact details of approximately 45 specialist manufacturers and motorsport suppliers, this book is an essential purchase for all engine-building enthusiasts.

128 pages·201 colour and b&w pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845842-97-0

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