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This book explores long forgotten "ghost" race tracks around the world

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Speedway by Collins SS

Around the world languish a number of long-forgotten raceways; windswept and abandoned, the derelict pit roads and crumbling concrete are all that remain of once great race tracks. From the NASCAR heartland of North Wilkesboro and Middle Georgia to the great European super speedways at Monza and Brooklands, these faded circuits are now monuments to the victories, defeats, triumphs and tragedies once played out before excited crowds.

With roots as diverse as Nationalist Socialism and Prohibition-era bootlegging, the histories of these places offer an insight to different times and attitudes, as well as the evolution of motor racing. Many of the characters who raced on these circuits had a profound impact on their sport; these circuits, which fostered and occasionally destroyed such great drivers, are revisited here - photographed as they are now, but also remembered in their prime by word and picture.

With over 175 images, this a unique and evocative look at some of auto racing’s ghost tracks.
Note that some of these circuits featured in the much acclaimed Autodrome - The lost race circuits of Europe, but in this edition are illustrated by many new photographs.

176 pages·186 colour and b&w pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845842-41-3

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