The Efficient Driver’s Handbook
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The Efficient Driver’s Handbook

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Plain and practical advice for drivers who want to driver effeciently

Product description

The Efficient Driver’s Handbook

Format: Paperback
Author: Dave Moss
Published: August 2010
Dimensions(mm): 210 × 148
Pages: 96
Colour pictures: 32
ISBN: 978-1-845843-51-9

This book describes in a clear, friendly manner everything today’s driver needs to know about choosing and using a car in an economical and eco-efficient way. It explains what matters most to the car buyer when optimum fuel economy and lowest emissions are priorities, and why four wheel drive and automatic transmission present challenges to eco-friendly driving.

Highly detailed advice on driving for best fuel economy is supplemented by helpful information on alternative fuels, hybrid powertrains, and much more. Featuring a thorough examination of the advantages and disadvantages of the most promising fuels of the future - electricity and hydrogen – this book is essential reading for the modern driver.

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