the little book of microcars
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the little book of microcars

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How the need for post WWII transport in scare times was met

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the little book of microcars by Adam Quellin

After the Second World War Europe was in economic crisis and manufacturing lay in ruins. Materials were in short supply, and factories were forbidden from building aircraft. There was a need for cheap, economical transport, but acquiring a new car was difficult, and secondhand cars were not as readily available as they are today.

By the 1950s, a myriad of economy cars had appeared on the market to fill this vacuum. Former aircraft companies - and even a refrigerator manufacturer - turned their hand to producing tiny cars that were often quirky and eccentric. Many of these little cars earned the nickname ‘bubblecars' due to their bulbous shape.

The 1960s brought with it new levels of affluence, and these microcars almost faded from view. But today, they are enjoying a resurgence of popularity, with many becoming highly-prized collectors items. Increased traffic levels and fuel prices, and a greater awareness of environmental issues, have also created demand for a new generation of microcars, and car makers have responded accordingly with exciting new designs.

Illustrated with over 70 colour photographs, this book celebrates the best of these weird and wonderful motoring marvels.

Paperback 14 x 14cm
96 pages
85 colour and b&w pictures

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