The Story of Sprite Caravans
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The Story of Sprite Caravans

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A look at the history of Sprite Caravans

Product description

The Story of Sprite Caravans

Format: Paperback
Author: Andrew Jenkinson
Published: November 2011
Dimensions(mm): 250 × 207
Pages: 96
Colour and B&W pictures: 206
ISBN: 978-1-845843-58-8

The first book written on Sprite Caravans, and the first UK book to cover one brand of touring caravan.

Sprite became the caravan that brought many families into the hobby from the early 1950s, and this book examines just how prolific the brand was, not only in the UK, but on a global basis too. It tells how Sprite mastered mass production in caravans, and how it pioneered rigorous testing procedures, with plenty of illustrations of this taking place.

Sam Alper OBE, the founder of Sprite, marketed caravanning as a pastime, and proved that caravans were safe and easy to tow, with simple designs both inside and out that could also be appealing to buyers. Much of the rare promotional mock-up material he used to do this is reproduced in the book, along with rare press shots of stars from the Carry On films, some of which featured Sprite Caravans. Comprehensive, unique, and totally up-to-date, this is essential reading for enthusiasts.

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