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Our selection of car cleaning products includes everything that you need to get a great looking, clean and fresh car – both inside and out. The range includes car interior cleaning products, car wash products, and cleaning tools. We stock a number of our own branded products – carefully designed with busy motorists in mind – as well as premium items from other manufacturers including Draper, Wynns, Sonax and more. Why not follow our guide to washng your car for tips on how to clean like a pro.

Car Interior Cleaning

Our interior cleaning range includes:

  • Microfiber cloths and mitts for easy, scratch-free cleaning of any surface
  • Cleaning sprays
  • Streak/smudge free glass cleaning spray
  • Leather cleaners
  • 55w in-car vacuum cleaners
  • Odour neutralizers
  • Dash restorer pads and cleaning products
  • Air freshener
  • All purpose cleaning wipes
  • Upholstery cleaning sprays

General Maintenance

Our general maintenance and cleaning range includes everything you need to give your cars’ workings a deep-clean, including:

Exterior Cleaning

Our range of exterior cleaning products will make cleaning the outside of your car a breeze. We offer:

In addition to individual cloths, sprays and other cleaning tools, we also have “starter kits” which would make a great gift for a young new driver or someone who has just invested in their first car or motor home.

Our selection of cleaning products includes chemical free cleaning kits for those who want to minimise their environmental impact, bio-degreasers, and waterless cleaners that use non-toxic ingredients to remove dirt and bring out the shine on your car’s paint work, as well as create a protective film that will help to stop bird droppings, tree sap, or water residue from building up on the car. These innovative, eco-friendly cleaners are ideal for busy people, those who want to save water, and those who use shared garages, so would struggle to clean their car using more traditional products.