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Comma Car Air Con Cleaner - 150ml

Reviews (2) 3 out of 5
Easy to use car air con cleaner quickly eliminates bacteria, viruses & fungi. Leaves a fresh smell in your car.

Product description

Air conditioning has been a welcome addition to our cars for a number of years. No more winding down the windows the try and cool down on a hot summer day. But most of us never think to look after our car air con unit and keep it clean.

Over time your car air conditioning unit becomes home to bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses. These can cause allergic reactions, hay fever, and even make you ill.

You should carry out a car air conditioning clean at least once a year to eliminate harmful bacteria in your unit and pipes. It is also advisable to use a car air con cleaner if you notice any unpleasant smells when you run your air conditioning.

It takes around 10 minutes to clean your air conditioning and your car will be left clean, and fresh.

Comma Car Air Con Cleaner

  • Eliminates bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses
  • Reduces unpleasant odours, hay fever symptoms and other allergic reactions
  • Deodorises upholstery and carpets

Manufacturer instructions for use

  1. Ensure all windows of vehicle are shut.
  2. Remove articles that do not need to come in contact with spray.
  3. Push front passenger seat either fully forward or backwards to create the largest area for aerosol to stand.
  4. Turn on the engine.
  5. Switch on the air conditioning setting the system to re-circulation on full fan power. Make sure dashboard vents are open.
  6. Stand Comma Air Con Cleaner in the large area created either in front of, or behind front passenger seat making sure that it is pointing upwards. (A piece of absorbent paper under the unit may be helpful in soaking up some of the larger spray droplets.)
  7. Depress the nozzle lever into the lock-down position making sure that the unit is pointing away from eyes and face.
  8. Exit the vehicle making sure that all doors are closed.
  9. Once the can is fully discharged, allow the air conditioning to run for a further 5 minutes.
  10. Open the car door, turn off the engine, and wipe away any moisture that has appeared on dashboard or fittings. Dispose of empty can safely.

Your car's air conditioning system is now fully cleaned, sanitised and refreshed, making it healthier, safer and more pleasant for you and your family.

2 out of 5
Car was only half full.
4 out of 5
Easy enough to use only took 10 minutes to complete the task.I shall now wait and see how long the results last but the car certainly smells a lot better than it did so her indoors is happy..

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