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e-auto Car Interior Cleaning Kit - Chemical Free

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Product description

E-auto is a range of chemical free cleaning products for motor vehicles from e-cloth. These high performance products provide exceptional cleaning just using water - no need for harsh, environmentally damaging chemicals and cleaning products. This interior cleaning kit has a range of benefits for motorists:

  • Faster cleaning time - simply wet, wipe and dry.
  • Better for your health - no exposure to acids and strong chemicals and they are kinder to your hands.
  • Better for the environment - reduced use of chemicals, less water used, less pollution of natural water courses, all packing is made from recyclable card.
  • Long lasting - each product is guaranteed for 300 washes.

Using the interior cleaning kit

  1. Just wet the cleaning cloth with water and using it to cleaning interior surfaces, windows and mirrors.
  2. Use the cleaning cloth dry as a duster.
  3. The glass and chrome cloth polishes windows, mirrors and chrome for a streak free finish.
  4. Pop them in the washer at 30 degrees (no fabric softener) and they are ready to use again.

1 x Car cleaning cloth - 40cm x 40cm
1 x Glass & chrome cloth - 50cm x 40cm
1 x Water spray bottle - 125ml
1 x Mesh storage bag - 23cm x 15cm

These aren’t just any ordinary cloth, each e-auto product is packed with millions of minute fibred that cling to dirt and grime to quickly and safely remove them. Each fibre is 1000 times finer than cotton, and each fibre is split into 16 fibre filaments which give perfect cleaning and polishing. There are nearly 500 million fibres on each cloth.

The tiny fibres clean deep into invisible nooks and crevices on smooth surfaces using just water; and they also remove 99% of bacteria.

Once you’ve used your e-cloth just pop it in the washer at 30 degrees (don’t use fabric softener) and it’s ready to go again.

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