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WOW Motor Waterless Cleaning Christmas Gift Pack

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Product description

Limited Edition Christmas Gift Pack

This limited edition pack for Christmas now includes TWO bottles of WOW Motor Waterless Cleaner plus two microfibre cleaning cloths.

  • 2 x 500ml spray bottle WOW Motor Cleaning
  • 2 x microfiber cloths
  • Clean your car in minutes
  • Protects your paintwork
  • Environmentally friend
  • Save on water usage

What is WOW?

WOW™ (without water) is a revolutionary cleaning system for cars, vans and other motor vehicles. Simply spray then wipe clean – quick, easy and no fuss.

The spray uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic ingredients to lift dirt and restore shine to your paint work. The no-wax formula means you can even use WOW to clean your vehicle’s windows and glass.

WOW™ for motor leaves a protective film that helps repel water, dirt and bird droppings and tree sap.

You can also use WOW™ inside the car to quickly cleaning your dashboard and interior. It also works on leather.

WOW™ is ideal for:

  • People wanting to save on water usage
  • Busy people who want to clean their car quickly
  • People who have no easy to access to a hose or water supply near the car
  • People who live in city centres and use shared parking garages


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