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RAC Flexi drying blade

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Soft silicone drying blade quickly removes excess water after cleaning your car.

Product description

Car squeegee blade

It’s important to quickly remove any remaining excess water from your car’s exterior once you have finished washing it. This prevents any streaks and water marks that can dull the finish of your car.

The RAC Flexi drying blade is made from a soft silicone material that glides easily over the surface of your car and adapts to the curves and contours of the vehicle. It acts like a squeegee blade to capture and remove surface water. An easy grip handle makes using the drying blade comfortable and quick.

With the excess water removed in no time at all, you can use the RAC Synthetic Chamois, or RAC Microfibre Towel to give a final dry and buff to your paintwork.

You car will be ready for any polishing and finishing you wish to apply.

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