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RAC Synthetic Chamois leather

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Leaves a streak-free finish to your car after washing.

Product description

Car drying cloth

When you hand wash your car it’s important to get a quality product to dry and buff up the paint work. This synthetic Chamois leather is designed from high performance materials to provide and absorbent drying cloth that allows you remove excess water after cleaning your car. It can also be used to provide a streak-free buff to your car’s surface without leaving any scratches or marks.

Using the drying cloth is easy - just wipe over the surface of your car to remove remaining water. Wring the cloth regularly to maintain the water absorbing and drying properties of the cloth.

The synthetic material used in this Chamois provides a real alternative to natural Chamois Leather cloths and are ideal for people who wish to use non-animal based products.

4 out of 5
A good product and reasonably priced compared to a genuine chamois leather

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