Thermawrap Garage Door Insulation Kit
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Thermawrap Garage Door Insulation Kit

Reviews (2) 4.5 out of 5
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Garage door insulation is easy to install and prevents heat loss in the winter & stays cool in the summer.

Product description

Garage Door Insulation to stay warm in winter & cool in summer

Not many people think about garage insulation to help prevent heat loss. Your garage door can be a major source of heat loss during the winter, and contributor to your home heating up too much in the summer. The Thermawrap Garage Door Insulation Kit fits to the inside of your garage door and insulates against heat and cold.

Key Benefits

  • Fully insulates and eliminates draught.
  • Ideal for manual and automatic doors.
  • Keeps your garage cooler in summer , warmer in winter.
  • Equivalent to 100 mm of glass wool.
  • Quick and simple to install.
  • Ideal for internal garages.

The kit includes:

  • 750mm x 8M metalised polyester insulation
  • 50mm x 20M Foil Tape
  • 35 adhesive pads
  • Heavy duty draught excluder
5 out of 5
Excellent product but PLEASE DOUBLE the number of sticky pads. Not nearly enough provided.
4 out of 5
End result OK but very frustrating getting there. Door needs to be very clean otherwise stickers and tape don't stick. Glad I had roll of double sided tape and silver gaffer tape to complete job.

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