STREETWIZE 12v - 240v Inverter 800 watt
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STREETWIZE 12v - 240v Inverter 800 watt

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12v - 240v Inverter 800 watt

Product description

Our Streetwize Power inverter is ideal for technology lovers. Allowing you to power any household device [depending on wattage] in your car. Suitable for products from phone chargers, to laptops, Remember to check the wattage of your device before use.

  • High Surge Power Inverter Converts 12 Volt Dc 230 Volt Ac 1200 Watt Peak Power 800 Watt Continuous Power
  • Ideal for Car, Trucks, Marina and camping applications ?
  • Operate 230v mains appliances from 12v battery power such as laptops, power tools, pumps, stereos, worklights, TVs, VCRs, etc. ?
  • Use for emergency power due to storms and blackouts ?
  • Single 230v-50Hz 3-prong UK socket ?
  • Complete with heavy-gauge battery cables

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