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Maypole Power Inverter - 500W 12V/230V

Code 57050A
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Power TVs, DVD players and more in your caravan or motor home with this 500 watt power inverter.

Product description

If you need real power when you are on the road then a power inverter should be on your equipment list. The power invertor is designed to connect to a 12 volt battery using the supplied leads, and power electrical items including TVs, DVD players, small fridges, small power tools, laptops etc. A power socket is built in to the inverter which allows you to plug in electrical items.

This unit provides up to 500 watts of power and is ideal for use in cars, vans, caravans and motor homes. We advise that you connect the inverter to a dedicated 12v battery for heavy or prolonged use. This will prevent un-necessary drain on your vehicle’s main battery.

Technical features

  • 500W Power Inverter
  • 500W continuous, 1000W peak power (start up)
  • Connects directly to vehicle battery
  • 12v DC to 230v AC
  • High performance cooling fan
  • Low battery voltage alarm
  • Over voltage protection
  • Output: modified sine wave
  • Output frequency 50-60hz
  • Aluminium casing

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