VALVOLINE Synpower Fully-Synthetic 5W30 Engine Oil (4 Litre)
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VALVOLINE Synpower Fully-Synthetic 5W30 Engine Oil (4 Litre)

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Synpower Fully-Synthetic 5W30 Engine Oil (4 Litre)

Product description

Fully synthetic 5W30. Petrol, diesel and LPG - Suitable for most modern cars Manufacturer warranty approved. Mercedes Benz, VW, BMW, GM. Suitable for long drain. Valvoline SynPower motor oil is a premium fully synthetic motor oil, formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils, enhanced with the most advanced additive technology. SynPower motor oil provides the ultimate performance in meeting the latest requirements for virtually all cars and light trucks (vans) including petrol, diesel, and LPG engines. SynPower motor oils provide superior protection at start-up, even under extreme conditions. Suitable for extra-long drain intervals (see approvals/performance levels). The Valvoline SynPower Motor Oil advantages: Breakdown Resistance: Increases thermal and oxidation stability: Deposit Control. Reduces formation of sludge and varnish deposits: Wear Protection: Improves oil film strength and breakdown resistance : Volatility. Lowers oil vaporisation and consumption at extreme conditions: Cold start Properties. Oil flows easily at low temperatures.

  • Approvals/performance levels API SM/CF 5W-30
  • ACEA A3/B4-04 5W-30
  • Mercedes Benz 229.3* 5W-30 * includes MB 229.1
  • Volkswagen 502.00/505.00 (1/97) 5W-30
  • BMW LL-01 5W-30
  • Vauxhall GM LL-A-02 and Vauxhall LL-B-025 5W-30
  • 001/15

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