TRIPLE QX 15w40 Mineral Engine Oil 5Ltr
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TRIPLE QX 15w40 Mineral Engine Oil 5Ltr

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15w40 Mineral Engine Oil 5Ltr

Product description

Triple QX Ultra 15W-40 mineral motor oil is blended in UK withthe highest quality base stocks and advance additive technology. It meets the performance levels and specifications for the vehicles requiring this oil. Triple QX motor oil provides optimum engine performance, improved fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

  • Benefits:
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Good protection against ring sticking at high temperatures, maintaining oil performance whilst minimising oil consumption and emissions
  • Very high standard of engine cleanliness
  • Excellent sludge control protection designed for stop-go city motoring
  • API CH-4/SJ, ACEA A3, B3, E2
  • MB 228.1, MAN 271, VW 505.00
  • Maximum 4 units per order

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