REDEX Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml
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REDEX Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml

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Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml

Product description

Today's generation of car engines may be more powerful and efficient than ever before, but they still need constant care and attention if they are to maintain their peak performance levels. Basically, to get the best out of your engine, you need to put the best in it. And there is no better choice than the world famous Redex range of specialist fuel additives.

Harmful deposits build up around the fuel injectors which can reduce the vehicles performance, regular use of Redex Injector Fuel System Cleaner.

Suitable for petrol, injector, turbo-charged and intercooled engines. Safe for Catalytic Converters.

  • Maintains cleanliness of fuel systems
  • Controls smoke emissions
  • Increases power and reduces fuel consumption
  • Ensures greater level of combustion efficiency
  • Improves engine lubrication and prevents engine wear
  • Reduces engine noise

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