HOLTS Radweld 250ml
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HOLTS Radweld 250ml

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Radweld 250ml

Product description

A leaking car radiator isn't just a minor mishap. It can soon lead to a major breakdown. To avoid it, turn to Radweld. Internationally recognised as the No 1 specialist product of its type, Radweld is the inexpensive solution that works fast to seal cracks and leaks permanently. And protect against them in the future. It's also ever so easy to use. First you can clean out your radiator with Speedflush, then you refill it and add Radweld. One, two, as simple as that. So reach for the Radweld. And keep your cool! Thank Holts for that

  • Permanently seals radiator leaks.
  • Unaffected by anti-freeze.
  • Contains rust inhibitors.
  • Safe for use with rubber hoses.

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