MagicB Diesel Catalytic Converter Cleaner 500ml
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MagicB Diesel Catalytic Converter Cleaner 500ml

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Diesel Catalytic Converter Cleaner 500ml

Product description

?Top Cat Diesel? Your No1 Catalytic Converter Cleaner. Top Cat Diesel has been designed with a stronger formula to treat compression based vehicles and provide better performance and fuel efficiency.
Top Cat has been developed to help vehicle owners having problems with the build up of Carbon deposits, emission issues and smokey engines.

  • > Decreases soot and regenerates Diesel Particulate Filters.
  • > Regenerates and cleans Injection systems
  • > Attacks carbon build up on diesel injectors
  • > Burns away Carbon deposits
  • > Increases fuel efficiency & performance
  • > Cleans EGR valves
2 out of 5
Unfortunately the bottle arrived severely panelled. Due to its long thin shape and the panelling it would not stand upright.

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