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Disklok steering lock - large - silver

Reviews (2) 5 out of 5
Visibly deter car thieves with the Disklok steering lock system.
  • Full steering wheel lock
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Helps prevent key cloning

Product description

Disklok Steering Wheel Lock

You are viewing Disklok Large which fits 41.5 to 44cm diameter steering wheels.

The Disklock steering wheel lock is one of the strongest, most resilient steering wheel locks on the market today. This device is made from reinforced steel and is the only Category 3 device to meet the Thatcham quality assurance scheme requirements.

It has been tested by security professionals to ensure it can withstand attacks for longer than other devices currently available, including attacks from power and hand tools. One of its unique features is its ability to spin on the wheel – this helps reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle’s steering wheel and steering lock during day to day use or in the event of an attack.

Disklok can also help prevent air bag theft and electronic theft such as key cloning on modern vehicles.

You can use Disklok on most cars, motorhomes & vans, MPVs, 4x4s, Classic Cars, and light commercial vehicles.

We advise that you measure the diameter of your steering wheel and choose the appropriate Disklok size using the guide below.

  • Small: fits 35 to 39cm diameter
  • Medium: fits 39 to 41.5cm diameter
  • Large: fits 41.5 to 44cm diameter

Each Disklok comes with 3 keys and individually coded key tags.

3 year guarantee against mechanical fail.

Watch the official Disklok video which shows you how to quickly fit and remove the steering lock. 


5 out of 5
Needed to change for small but this is a great visual deterrent and doesn't seem to have many weak points
5 out of 5
A good product,

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