Streetwize 400amp booster cables
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Streetwize 400amp Heavy Duty Booster Cables

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Heavy duty booster cables for cars up to 2500cc

Product description


  • 2.5m cables
  • 400 amp
  • Suitable for petrol cars up to 2500cc
  • Suitable for diesel vehicles up to 2000cc
  • Heavy duty plastic moulded crocodile clips

These 400 amp heavy duty booster cables are an essential part of any driver’s in-car tool kit. Use these to jump start your vehicle at the roadside.

The booster cable set includes a generous 2.5 meter cable length and heavy duty moulded plastic crocodile clips. They can be used on petrol vehicles up to 2500cc and diesel vehicles up to 2000cc.

Always follow the instructions printed on the box for safe and correct use of these jump leads.

5 out of 5
Very good product at a very good price. <br/>Thank YOu. <br/>Cecil Stanley Pereira

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