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Garage Storage and Shelving

Keep everything well organised with our range of garage shelving and garage storage solutions. Plus, get free delivery when you spend £50 or more online. With everything from tool chests to storage panels, racking, rollercabs and trolleys, we have the perfect garage storage solution for you.

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Keep your garage well organised

Nobody likes to trip over clutter or stacks of boxed tools when going into the garage to get or work on something, which is where our garage storage and shelving collection homes in. If you’re struggling to fit your car into your garage because of the mess, or just need to get your tools and accessories properly organised, take a look at our garage racking, extensive parts storage ideas, tool boxes and more.

With our range of garage shelving and storage solutions, we've got plenty of options to help you make sure that you've got a place for everything and you can keep everything in its place. There's nothing worse than needing a car jack when you're in a rush only to remember that it's buried underneath a pile of boxes in a dark corner of your garage, so we've pulled together a number of ideas to keep things well organised.

There's everything from mixed garage storage kits to give you a lot of flexibility about how you organise your garage, to the PerfoTool storage panel, which allows you to hook your tools and kit to your garage wall, saving on valuable floors pace. We also have a number of garage shelving options to give you a better solution to stack thinks neatly, making them easier to get to when you need them.

Good garage shelving will enhance the usability of your garage as a workshop, making your projects more efficient and helping you get more done with less time (and less space)! The Slatwell 50 piece garage storage kit, for example, includes wall baskets and shelves to keep everything stored against your walls. It's even got a series of hooks that can be used to store your bike or items for the garden. However, if you've got a lot of smaller tool implements or DIY kit to pack away, there's the Sealey 44 draw cabinet that’s got a steel frame and 44 polypropylene drawers to tuck screws, drill bits, nails, nuts or bolts away in one place for easy access. With the RAC garage storage and shelving solutions, you'll be able to bring a new sense of order to your home from home.