Garage flooring set - 6 interlocking tiles

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Garage flooring set of 6 interlocking protectice floor tiles.

Product description

A practical and cost-effective inter-locking flooring set, it is great for use in workshops and garages. It is water resistant, easy to clean and can help to prevent acccidents from slippery floors.

  • An excellent value inter-locking flooring set.
  • Measures a large 1200 x 1800mm (just under 4' x 6'). Each piece measures 600 x 600mm.
  • Approximately 11mm thick
  • Includes edging strips, sets can be combined to cover a large area.
  • Great for use in workshops and garages to prevent fatigue by absorbing the shock associated with working on concrete floors.
  • Water resistant, easy to clean mats, great around sinks and washers to help prevent slipping.
  • Easy to cut and trim if required.
5 out of 5
Perfect for the job

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