Parrot Jumping Sumo mini drone (black)

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Rolling mini drone with video and photo capabilities. Powered by your phone or tablet device.

Product description

Jumping Sumo mini drone with video streaming

The new Jumping Sumo from Parrot is a ground based mini drone packed with the latest technology to bring you an easy to use, versatile drone with attitude. Hook up your drone to a compatible iOS or Android device and you’re ready to go. Use your phone or tablet to steer the Jumping Sumo around a building, or outside. Advanced stabilising gyroscopes and accelerometer provide precision steering and control. There are three built in control modes to let you turn, spin, jump and roll.

Jump mode: jump up to 80cm in height and length and always land on the wheels.
Kicker mode: push objects out the way.
Auto-balance: always stay balanced even when performing a 360 spin.

There are several pre-programmed acrobatic stunts available in the free flight control app to get you started.

A mini drone wouldn’t be complete without a camera and the Jumping Sumo includes a video camera which streams live video to your phone or tablet. Great for controlling and steering, and also for putting your in the heart of the action and adventure. You can also express yourself with built in customisable sounds.

Available in three colours: white, black or khaki

Technical specifications

  • Range: up to 50 meters in open space
  • Connectivity: Wifi connection generated by the Jumping Sumo to your phone / tablet.  WiFi(r) (AC) 2.4 or 5 Ghz network.
  • Stability: inertial unit with gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Battery: Lithium-Polymer removable battery lasts up 20 minutes and full recharge in 90 min
  • Speed: Rolls up to 2m/s (7 km/h)
  • Weight: 180g
  • Camera resolution: wide angle camera streams live video to your phone or tablet at 640 x 480 / 15 frames per second


  • Large wheels : 7.28 x 5.90 x 4.33 inches
  • Tightened wheels : 5.63 x 5.90 x 4.33 inches

In the box

Your Parrot Jumping Sumo mini drone includes the following items in the box:

  • 1 Jumping Sumo
  • 1 battery
  • 2 rubber pads
  • 3 stickers
  • Micro USB cradle
  • 1 quick start guide

Official Jumping Sumo Video

View the official Parrot tutorial videos on YouTube

Parrot Jumping Sumo - Tutorial #1 - Setup

Parrot Jumping Sumo - Tutorial #2 - Easy Piloting

Parrot Jumping Sumo - Tutorial #3 - Advanced Piloting - Wheels & ace mode

5 out of 5
I got sent one of these to test after I bought the other little parrot drone, the rolling spider, which I love. They sent me an email telling me that I had been selected for the parrot tester program and that I'd be sent a jumping sumo to test. A few days later I received a parcel containing this drone and I set about testing it. After unboxing the little guy and reading the instructions I started connecting to it using my phone and the wifi network the drone creates. Thats right, you connect your phone to the drones own wifi network. The other drone was bluetooth but I guess wifi gives you more range and allows for controlling the drone from other rooms. once I was connected I decided to update the firmware which was actually quite simple. I had to reconnect to the Internet, download the update and then reconnect to the drone and upload the update. The little guys eyes flashed faster and faster and then it reset itself when the update was complete. After that was done I started playing with the drone. the drone comes with a bunch of preprogrammed moves that are pretty cool. Everything from spinning around really fast to jumping up the in air. Once I'd messed about with them I went for a little drive. I did a few laps of the living room to get used to the controls which are pretty simple. You control forward and backwards speed with your left thumb and steer with your right thumb. After I'd done my laps I decided to explore the rest of the house. The drone has a camera in the nose that beams back video to your phone screen. I had a blast with this. I attacked the dog and scared the life out of my girlfriend by hiding the drone under the bed and using the tap move to make noises. Then I sped out from under the bed and made her jump. I'm still in the dog house for that one. After about 15 mins the battery warning flashed up so I drove the drone back to living room and plugged it in for a charge. once the drone had charged up I set about driving round the house again. I sent the drone into every room (avoiding the girlfriend) and had a good look around using the camera. I even took a few photos. Then I messed up a tiny bit and accidentally hit the jump button near the top of the stairs. Crash, bang, wallop, I thought I'd killed the drone. It leaped into the air and then disappeared down the stairs. To my amazement the drone bounced and then righted itself as if nothing had happened. I drove it back into the living room and had a look at it. Not a mark on it. I couldn't believe it. I have been a bit more careful since then mind you. overall I was really impressed. Its a great toy and from my experience its a rugid little thing. The girlfriend hates it though!

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