RAC Multi-function night light
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RAC multi-function rechargeable torch and night light

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Reviews (13) 5 out of 5
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Use this as an infrared nightlight that doubles as a torch

Product description

This innovative multi-function motion sensor night light and torch is a must have gadget for all homes. Plug the device into a plug socket and it will light up when you walk onto the landing – no need to turn the light on.

You can lift the light out of the charging base and use it as a 5 LED torch.


  • 15 Ultra bright LED Area Light
  • 5 Ultra bright LED torch
  • Motion sensor nightlight
  • Always able to locate the torch
  • Auto switch on if mains power fails
  • Integrated plug and charger cradle so it can be always there and ready to use
  • Induction charging base
  • Charge time 8 hours
  • Usage – Area light 2.5 hours
  • Usage – Torch light 12 hours
  • Motion sensor range up to 3 metres
5 out of 5
A handy night light and a consolation to know if there is a power failure the light will come on
5 out of 5
Just what I wanted. Easy to use.
5 out of 5
Really good product - good and bright and does what it says it is , looks well made.
5 out of 5
Brilliant! Do what they said they would - delivery was on time - all in all, excellent service
5 out of 5
great tool for the Grandson
5 out of 5
Very very very useful
5 out of 5
Just the job in a big dark house.
4 out of 5
Have not used this product yet but looks very good value for money.
5 out of 5
Wondered about this, but now having tested it, what a great idea. We often get power cuts out in the sticks, and the light given off is more than enough to ensure safety. The fact that it can just sit there till needed, no switching on is great. Add to that the sensor lamp side that could also be used when stubbling about in the dark, makes it very useful.
5 out of 5
I bought one last year and was extremely satisfied with the quality and performance. I have bought 2 more recently for each room in my house now. Night light sensor is great as I no longer break stuff on my way and hurt my toes. All in all a great product for a great price.
5 out of 5
Bought original from Aldi. told a few friends at work who bought them........ .Aldi ran out, so Bought 5 from RAC shop at better price for family presents, and bought another five for relatives. they are a cracking torch and never a flat battery. it lights up my stairs when I open the bedroom door at night and as well as all that , when the electric went, it came on and I used it to go downstairs and find the fuse that had tripped ................... I hope they live up to this review for my family's sake
5 out of 5
I purchased this after using one in a holiday cottage we were staying in. Its perfect as a night light and a very bright torch as well. We haven't had a power cut yet but at least I'm ready now.
4 out of 5
I purchased one of these through Mighty Deals as a friend had something similar. This is great as a nightlight if your child wakes up in the dark, on the landing if you are going to the toilet, or in the passage by the front door for when you come in at night. I have mine in the kitchen so that I do not have to turn the light on when I brush my teeth or put the kettle on. Fantastic for emergencies too; it automatically turms on the event of a power failure. Can also be used as a powerful torch.

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