Roads With a View

Roads With a View

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Explore the beauty of England's natural landscapes and how to drive to them

Product description

Roads with a View – England’s greatest views and how to find them by road

Format: Hardback
Author: David Corfield
Published: November 2010
Dimensions(mm): 250 × 250
Pages: 144
Colour pictures: 44
ISBN: 978-1-845843-50-2

With the cost of travel soaring higher than a jumbo jet, more and more people are choosing simply to stay put, enjoying what generations of Brits did long before the airliner age – exploring England by road. For such a relatively small country, Britain has some of the nicest views around; our road network – much as we like to moan about it – is actually pretty remarkable, and extends tentacle-like to touch some of the most amazing places.

Roads with a View is not just another travel guide. This one has been written by a driver especially for fellow motorists, and provides detailed accounts of the best roads to drive on, and the best places to drive to for that stunning front seat view.

With specially drawn maps, stunningly beautiful colour photography from some of the England’s finest landscape photographers, and plenty of travel advice on where to eat, where to stay, and what to do, this unique guide lifts the lid on parts of England that are often overlooked.

The author has made sure to include information for everyone – driver as well as passengers – as you seek out England’s finest landscapes. With advice on where to stay and where to eat, as well as what to do when you get to the view, this really is an invaluable travel guide.

About this book:

  • Superb landscape photography of all areas covered
  • Insightful comments on the best places to eat and stay
  • Clear and concise maps of each route covered
  • Details of ‘secret’ views, off the beaten track, but no-less special
  • Motoring trivia and snippets for every drive covered
  • Routes divided into sections, from quick drives to day trips
  • Family friendly - special things for kids to watch out for on each view

About the Author

David Corfield is a respected photographer and writer who, for many years, has worked as editor on several well known photography and motoring magazines including Practical Photography, Performance French Cars, Golf+, Modern MINI, VW Motoring, Photography Monthly and Octane. Having driven some of the best roads in England in search of great locations to photograph cars and landscapes, David decided to share his experiences in this new book. His passion for great photography has made sure that every image used in Roads With A View is of the highest quality. Drivers will also appreciate David’s insight into each selected route’s history, and will enjoy his hints and tips on where to eat and stay.

4 out of 5
Good Quality and Service!!!

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