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We offer a large range of products for motorists; including travel kids, dash cams, pet travel accessories, cleaning kits, tools and torches – all designed to cater to the needs of busy motoring enthusiasts.

Our Travel Range

The RAC travel kit range includes winter travel kits that will help you to stay safe in snowy and icy conditions –and stay warm should you end up stranded or your car breaks down on a cold winter’s day. It also includes a selection of European driving kits, which contain all the items that motorists are legally required to keep in their cars while driving in some of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, as well as some useful accessories that are recommended in those countries. Our kits will help to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

Dash Cams

Choose from a selection of dash cams, including super HD dash cams with extra memory for high-resolution recording. A dash cam is a valuable addition to any motorists toolkit. Many insurance companies now offer discounts to dash cam owners, because they are thought to be more responsible drivers since the footage from the dash cam can be used to show who was at fault in the event of an accident.

Dash cams aren’t just for practical purposes either – many motorists use them to continuously record on road trips, just for fun and the memories the footage will offer.

Pet Accessories

Make sure that your pets are comfortable on the road with our selection of harnesses and leads, pet carriers, seat covers, boot protectors, and other accessories. From window guards and toys, to pet beds, travel blankets and no-spill water bottles, we have all of your pet’s needs covered. Our comfortable but durable beds and pet carriers will help even the most reluctant of dogs and cats to enjoy their next journey.

RAC Car Cleaning Supplies

If you know someone who takes pride in their car, why not treat them to a car cleaning kit as a gift? Our selection of car cleaning products include interior cleaning kits for taking care of upholstery, high quality synthetic chamois leathers, handy microfiber mitts for multi-purpose cleaning, and car cleaning gift packs. At the RAC, we know how much pride people place in their cars, and we are committed to providing people with the best in cleaning accessories to make it easy to get a nice, professional looking finish.

Tools and Safety Products

Even if you aren’t a budding mechanic or car enthusiast, it’s still a good idea to have some basic equipment, tools and safety products in your car and in your garage. The RAC 79-piece toolkit is a rugged, durable and ergonomically designed toolkit that includes sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, a utility knife and other handy tools that you will need for day-to-day repairs.

The RAC wind-up LED torch and lantern is a handy light source with a battery that can be charged using your car’s cigarette lighter socket, as well as the option of recharging it using the wind-up facility, so you’ll never be stuck in the dark in the event of a power cut at home or a breakdown.

The RAC Van and Truck First Aid Kit is an HSE compliant first aid kit that contains all of the required first aid items, as well as additional recommended content to enable van and truck drivers to deal with emergencies.


We make a range of torches to suit most needs and occasions, including a 7 LED Aluminium torch that is light, durable and energy-efficient, a versatile magnetic pick-up tool with a built-in 6 LED torch, and a range of work lights including a handy micro-head torch that is super lightweight and ideal for hands-free usage.

Our rubber torch triple pack features two compact LED torches for use around the home, and a heavy-duty torch that is ideal for the garage. You can also purchase a rubber Krypton torch, which features a Krypton bulb that is 75% brighter than normal bulbs. This torch is available in two sizes, small and large.

Our wind-up LED torch lantern is perfect for stowing in your boot for use in the event of a night time breakdown. Keep one at home for use in power cuts as well, and never worry about batteries going flat or leaking again. Finally, try the RAC 16 LED Aluminium torch for maximum brightness and durability – this beautiful torch is made from high grade, aircraft aluminium, and comes in a presentation gift case.

These are just a few of the RAC branded products on offer. All of our products are made to the highest quality, and designed with the needs of you in mind to make your driving experience as safe, comfortable and fun as possible.