RAC Car Cleaning & Valet Products

Keep your car looking great both inside and out with the RAC Car cleaning range. These sophisticated cleaning products are made from the most advanced ingredients and the best materials, to help you get the perfect scratch-free, clean and shiny finish for your car. We also stock a large range of RAC branded products plus popular brands of cleaning products.

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From upholstery cleaners and synthetic chamois to microfiber cleaning mitts, the RAC offers a good selection of cleaning tools and accessories. We understand how much pride car owners take in their vehicles, and have designed the perfect accessories to make cleaning a breeze.

Cleaning Kits

The RAC Interior cleaning kit for upholstery includes cleaning products, anti-mist spray and an interior protector. This kit will help you to get your car’s interior clean and fresh, and keep it that way for longer.

The RAC Car Cleaning Kit includes a wash and wax product, interior cleaner, windscreen cleaner, insect remover and alloy wheel cleaner, as well as a sponge and two cloths, all in a handy storage bag that is divided into several compartments. This kit makes a great gift for a first-time car owner.

Cloths and Accessories

The RAC synthetic chamois leather is a high performance cloth that is absorbent, soft and smooth and will allow you to easily remove excess water after you have washed the exterior of your car, so you can buff it up and make the paintwork streak free and shiny. Simply wring the cloth out when it is soaked in water, and re-use over and over again. This cloth is ideal for those who prefer not to use animal-based products, and offers the same performance as natural chamois leather.

The RAC microfiber mitt is a handy car wash mitt made from high tech microfiber noodles that will pick up dust and dirt, while not damaging the paintwork of your car. The mitt fits over your hand just like a glove, allowing you to clean even in awkward places. Use it dry for dusting and buffing, or wet, as a part of your car wash. When the mitt gets dirty, just put it in the washing machine.

The above are just a few of the RAC branded accessories on offer. Browse our cleaning products section for even more handy tools, cleaners and accessories for car enthusiasts.