RAC Tool Range

Choose the RAC tools range to prepare yourself for most common breakdowns, accidents and minor emergencies. Our selection of tools for cars and home includes tool sets, first aid kits and wind-up torches that you can depend upon in an emergency. Pick up these tools today, and be ready for power cuts, breakdowns, and other minor incidents.

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Every car owner should have a set of tools and a first aid kit. Even if you don’t usually repair your own car or spend a lot of time off-road, it’s useful to be prepared for minor emergencies.

The RAC 79 piece motorists tool kit is a handy toolkit that contains everything you need for day-to-day repair work. The tools are rugged and durable, and feature comfortable, ergonomically designed handles. The tools are shipped in a sturdy box that makes them easy to carry, and keeps them organised so that you will never struggle to find the perfect socket or screwdriver head. This tool kit will last you many years, and includes all the tools you will need for day to day work at home, in your caravan, and in your garage.

The RAC LED Wind-up torch and lantern is a must-have for homeowners and motorists alike. It is perfect for keeping in your car boot or in your kitchen drawer, ready for use during a power cut or if you break down by the roadside at night. The torch has a long-life battery, and can be re-charged either by plugging it in or using the wind-up handle. Because the torch uses LEDs, it does not consume a lot of power, and a single charge will produce a bright light and last for a long time.

Our RAC branded first aid kit is HSE compliant, and includes additional ‘recommended’ items for common accidents and travel-related incidents. It comes in a sturdy carrying case, with a mounting bracket that allows you to screw it into the cab of most vans. There are smaller versions of the kit for motor homes, home owners and motorists.

Prepared for Anything

Choose these RAC branded tools and accessories, and you will be ready for most common incidents. Our toolkits will last a lifetime if they are cared for properly, and the first-aid kit could come in handy if you are ever in an accident. The guidance leaflet offers basic first-aid advice, but we recommend that anyone who is on the road a lot takes a first aid course. If you use anything in the first aid kit, restock it at the first opportunity.

The above are just a small selection of the RAC branded tools and accessories on the market. Take this chance to stock up on everything you need to stay safe on the roads.