RAC Dash Cams

Enjoy peace of mind when you are driving with our RAC dash cams. These handy in-car cameras can record footage as you drive, and feature a built-in microphone for recording in-car sound, as well as a wide angle lens to capture footage of the road ahead. Dash cams are a useful addition to any car, and could help to reduce your insurance costs, as well as prove your innocence in the event of an accident.

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The RAC Dash Cam range includes an entry-level dash cam that can record 1080p HD video, with a wide-angle lens to capture as much footage as possible from the road ahead. It has a built-in microphone, and an emergency button that will store the most recent 3-minute-long segment of video, preventing it from being over-written. The camera comes with an 8GB memory card, and if you wish you can upgrade this to a 32GB card.

The Super HD camera can record longer videos at a higher quality, and has many other useful features, including an over-speed alarm, a lane diversion warning feature and a forward collision warning feature. It also has a safety camera database, and will use GPS to determine the location of the nearest safety camera – as well as tell you the speed limit and your current speed.

Even a basic dash cam is a useful tool for motorists. Many insurance companies offer discounts for motorists who have dash cams fitted, because they are thought to generally be safer drivers. In addition, if you are involved in an accident, then the dash cam footage can be used to establish what happened, and hopefully prove your innocence.

The presence of a dash cam can act as a good deterrent for casual thieves and vandals, since they will not know whether your dash cam saves video to the cloud, so will not want to take their chances being seen interfering with your car.

Save Your Memories

Cameras with high storage capacities can be great for motorists that like to go on road trips, because you can store footage of the lovely scenic routes you follow. If something exciting happens, just press the ‘emergency’ button to store the last few minutes of footage. How many times have you said “I wish I had a camera” while you’ve been on holiday, or even just driving around your home town and seen something unusual or interesting? If you have a dash cam, you will never be without a camera while you are in your car, and you can capture every exciting moment.

Professionally fitted

We offer a professional fitting service for most in-car accessories. For a nominal fee we will come out to your home or your office and fit the dash cam for you. If you wish to take advantage of this, just select the “fitted” option when you are purchasing one of our dash cams.