RAC Pet Travel Products

Let your pets travel in comfort and style with the RAC pet travel range, which includes everything that you need to travel with a cat, dog, or other small pet. These accessories have been designed with the needs of a travelling pet owner in mind, and will keep your pet comfortable and safe while preventing them from distracting the driver or damaging your car’s upholstery. Pick up some treats and accessories for your pet from the RAC store today.

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From harnesses and leads to crates, toys, beds and barriers, we have everything that you need to keep your pets safe while they are in the car, or out exploring new areas.

Harnesses and Leads

Keeping pets safe in unfamiliar areas can be a challenge. Our selection of harnesses and leads are designed to restrain your pet’s movement while you are driving, and also keep them safe when you go out for a walk. From simple leads for smaller pets that are generally well behaved, to harnesses that are designed for dogs that tend to pull when they are on a collar, we have the perfect lead for most pets. The Advanced range of harnesses and leads includes reflective sections, designed for night-time walks, and thicker straps for maximum comfort.

Seat Covers and Boot Protectors

Our range of seat covers and boot protectors will help you to keep your car clean while you travel with larger pets. These hardwearing covers are designed to keep the car clean, and stop the upholstery from getting scratched or stained. While they are intended to be used to protect your car from damage caused by pets, these rugged and durable seat protectors could be used as a barrier to protect your car’s interior from damage caused by other guests or journeys – so if you’re going fishing, or on a mud run, and expect to be transporting a lot of muddy passengers, our easy to clean covers are a great option.

Carriers and Crates

For smaller pets, a fabric pet carrier is the perfect solution. Our pet carriers are designed to be used both in and out of cars. The handles are sturdy and make the carrier easy to move, and the breathable, spacious interior will help to keep your pet safe, comfortable and calm.

The crates are aimed at slightly bigger pets, providing a comfortable and breathable space for them to rest in while inside the car. Our crates all feature a mattress inside, so that your beloved pet can rest and relax while you are on the way to your destination.

Other Accessories

The RAC pet travel accessory range includes toys, food bowls, water dispensers, mattresses and more – all designed to make travelling with a pet as hassle free as possible. Thanks to this selection of pet accessories, your cats and dogs can enjoy all of the comforts they are accustomed to at home while they are on the road – and you won’t have to worry about spillages or damage to your car. Treat your pet to some travel accessories today, and make your next holiday a great experience for the whole family.