RAC Torches

Be ready for any eventuality with our selection of rugged, durable and convenient torches, worklamps and spotlights. Choose from hands-free lamps and wind-up torches, pocket-sized torches and LED lights that will make it easy to see even in the most awkward of dark spaces. RAC’s product line has everything you need for your home, caravan, car and garage.

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RAC’s selection of torches, warning lights, worklamps and spotlights has you covered for even the most difficult of situations. We understand the challenges that motorists face, and have carefully designed our torches and lamps to ensure that they are rugged, durable, bright, easy to operate, and won’t run out of battery too quickly.

Our 7 LED aluminium torch, for example, have a durable body and feature bright, clear LED lights for the best balance between visibility and low power consumption. Our versatile magnetic pick-up tool with an LED torch will help you to find those dropped screws and other items, and let you see clearly while working on your car. This small but handy torch makes a great addition to any mechanic’s toolkit.

The Micro-LED Head Torch is a small, light hands-free torch that is perfect for those occasions when you need both hands free. The rubber torch triple pack includes two small torches that are perfect for keeping in the glove compartment or in your kitchen drawer, as well as a rugged heavy duty torch for the garage. The clip should attach to any headband or safety hat.

For those occasions when a standard torch isn’t bright enough, the Krypton Rubber Torch is an ideal option. This torch is available in two sizes – large and small – and both sizes feature a Krypton bulb which is 75 percent brighter than the average bulb, but still with minimal power consumption.

The RAC Wind-Up LED Torch is perfect as a back-up light for homeowners, and to keep in your car as well. It has its own batteries, which can be charged through your car’s cigarette lighter, and it can also be powered and recharged using the hand crank. This means that even if you leave it in your car and forget about it all winter, if you find yourself stranded on a dark road you will be able to operate the torch quite quickly – removing the stress of flat or leaky batteries.

The 16 LED Aluminium Torch is a great gift for any survivalist. This heavy-duty torch comes in a presentation case, and is designed to offer a bright, clear light that will last for a long time on a single charge.
RAC’s collection of torches includes something for everyone, from casual campers and caravan enthusiasts to survivalists, long-distance drivers and homeowners. Each torch is designed to be as rugged and durable as possible, so that it can survive the knocks, stresses and wear and tear of day-to-day life. Whatever your needs, pick up a torch to add to your driving survival kit today. You’ll be glad you did.