RAC Travel & Motoring Kits

Enjoy peace of mind whenever and wherever you are driving with these essential RAC travel kits. We stock winter driving kits which contain everything you need to stay safe in the winter (and stay warm if you get stuck out in the snow), and European driving kits which contain the legally required, and recommended, equipment for motorists who are planning on driving in some of the most popular European motoring destinations. The European driving kits make a great gift for someone about to depart on a road trip or gap year excursion.

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Driving in the winter, and driving abroad, present different challenges to driving at home when the weather is good. Our RAC travel kits are designed to be easy to store in your car, and contain everything you need to face the challenges of winter driving or driving in Europe.

Winter Driving Kits

We produce a number of kits aimed at helping motorists cope with the harsh conditions of the UK’s winter months, including a winter frost kit and a standard winter car kit that will help to keep your car in good condition, and make it easier to get moving on a cold and frosty morning. We also stock some more comprehensive winter kits. The Ultimate kit, for example, includes a snow shovel, brush, ice scraper, high vis vest, foil blankets, hand warmers, a wind-up torch, de-icer, screen wash, salt, shoe grips, and a handy boot bag for storage.

Our breakdown kits for winter driving include high vis vests, a warning triangle, a foil blanket to help you stay warm while you wait for help to arrive, a wind-up torch, a tow rope, and more. The Ultimate version includes jump leads, a first aid kit, and some other extras.

Driving in Europe

There is a winter driving kit specially designed for driving in Europe during the winter months, and there are a number of general European Driving kits. The basic kit contains:

  • A warning triangle
  • High vis vest
  • First aid kit
  • Foil Blanket
  • GB sticker
  • Headlamp converter
  • Driving in Europe Guidance Leaflet

The above is the bare minimum for driving in most European countries – and while those items are not required for driving in the UK, it is a good idea to keep them in your car anyway, because they will come in useful in the event of a breakdown or an emergency.

There are other kits that contain extra items, such as spare bulbs and breathalysers, that are required in some countries, and there are family kits that contain extra high-vis vests and a first aid kit. There are also kits aimed at specific countries – such as the Driving in France kit, which contains a French road map and more.

Don’t forget that if you are heading on a road trip in Europe you will need to make sure that you comply with the regulations for all the countries that you plan to pass through, not just your main destination. Each country sets their own rules, so do your research before you set off, and make sure that your kit and your paperwork are correct. Some countries levy on-the-spot fines for people who are caught driving without the required equipment.