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Sat Navs & in-car tech

Make those long car journeys less stressful for you and more fun for your passengers with our range of car tech products including handy sat navs and in-car entertainment devices.

Best sellers in in-car tech

Sat navs and in-car tech

The right choices of in-car technology can make driving your car easier and more enjoyable. Our selection of in-car tech includes everything from the latest phone accessories, navigation devices and entertainment systems. We also offer parking aids such as sensors and cameras to help you reverse into parking spaces easily and safely.

Our selection of GPS and satellite navigation tools includes devices aimed at car drivers, motorcyclists and HGV drivers. We offer a range of accessories including mounts, chargers and screen protectors. The navigation systems with built-in speed camera detection are some of our most popular products. These devices can help drivers to stay safe in built-up areas by alerting drivers when they are approaching black-spot areas, railway crossings, school zones and areas with speed cameras. The more you know about the areas you are driving in, the safer you will be.

In addition to practical driving aids, we also offer a range of entertainment systems, including in-car stereos and sound-systems to go with them. Listening to music or the radio in your car can help you to relax as you drive, can serve to keep you alert if you are driving late at night or very early in the morning, and can also provide entertainment for your passengers, which will be especially welcome on long road journeys. Whether you are looking to upgrade your in-car stereo system, would like to stream music directly from your smartphone or MP3 player in your car or want to improve your motor’s sound system with new speakers or subwoofers, we have the in-car entertainment products for you.

For optimal safety while using these systems, invest in a Bluetooth hands-free kit that can control both your mobile phone and your in-car radio. Our range of state-of-the-art hands-free kits allow you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while you drive.

You also no longer need to worry about your mobile entertainment devices, such as your iPhone, iPod or other USB-compatible gadgets, running out of battery on long journeys ever again thanks to our in-car chargers. Simply plug in to your car and charge as you drive.

Every motorist should take the security of their car seriously so remember to lock away any valuable car tech items from view where possible when you are not driving the car, particularly if you are leaving it parked on a road overnight or in a public car park.